Tuesday, November 13, 2007

America's Best Hot Dog

The hot dog is one of the essential American menu items. They come in all sizes and flavors. Everyone has a favorite. My favorite is the Esskay beef hot dog. First boil it, then grill it, and add your favorite toppings. Pepperidge Farm sells a superior hot dog bun in grocery stores. The ultimate test of a hot dog is - can you eat it plain? The Esskay hot dog passes with flying colors, with real beef flavor plus the secret seasoning ingredients only found in an Esskay hot dog. If you can't find Esskay in your area, an excellent second choice is Oscar Mayer beef franks. They have a very unique flavor as well, and they are not a disappointment if you can't have an Esskay hot dog. They also pass the ultimate test. Oscar Mayer cocktail franks are a great appetizer with all the flavor of the big ones. Esskay is the classic hot dog served at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, and at the Baltimore Ravens' stadium during games.

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