Monday, November 12, 2007


Welcome to all who want to find the best food in America. Why not begin with the food of the gods, the Blue Crab? The increasingly rare Maryland blue crab is by far the best, but restaurants get them from places like Texas and even off the eastern coast of Mexico. I suggest ordering them steamed - they will be bright red. Get your mallet and bib ready! Once you've cracked one open the first time, you'll find it is quite easy to pull out the meat - which is so delicious it can be eaten plain. Don't forget to also try a crab cake. Soft shell crabs are a good choice from a restaurant where you know the seafood is very fresh. Crab Imperial and Cream of Crab soup are two other excellent recipes. If you are away from the east coast, you will find many websites on Google where you can order blue crab products - do some research to make sure it is a reliable company. Here is one of the world's best, Phillips Seafood; they also have fine restaurants if you are near one:

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